Civic poll on scheduled date-CEC Thapaliya

Janakpur, 16 Apr : Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said the free and fair election would be held in the stipulated time.

At a media orientation programme on local election, 2079 held at Janakpurdham today, he said there was no situation now to defer the pre-scheduled local election and also pledged to conduct free and fair election in the stipulated date.

Chief Election Commissioner Thapaliya asserted that the country might witness catastrophe if the pre-set election date was changed on any circumstances. Civil poll would take place on May 13 and no side should take fear of election, he added.

There was no situation to disrupt the continuum of election, he said, claiming that the elections to the House of Representatives members, province assembly members, President and Vice-President would also be held following the local level election.

Urging stakeholders to not take the election code of conduct in a light manner, he said those breaching code of conduct would be booked.

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