Social organizations important in social service: Vice President Pun

Kathmandu, 24 Apr : Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has said that the role of social organizations is important in the field of social service.

Speaking at a seminar on ‘Role of Social Organizations in Building a Prosperous Nepal’ organized by Focus Nepal on the occasion of Democracy Day on Saturday, he said that social organizations have an important role in serving the society. “It takes a big heart to engage in social service,” he said while adding that the role played by social organizations was important for the establishment of democracy in the country.

Vice-president Pun also lauded the work of social organizations to spread awareness in the remote areas where the government has not been able to reach.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Youth and Sports Maheshwar Jung Gahatraj described the role played by social organizations in the country as that of organized citizens. He also urged the citizens to cast their votes consciously and responsibly as this is the year of elections.

Leader of the Nepali Congress and Chair of the Community Service Center Tundal Devi, Ram Prasad Neupane, Chair of Focus Nepal, Ram Chandra Pokhrel, described the importance of social organizations in bridging the gap between people and the government.

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