Madhesh Province is COVID-19 free, 82 per cent fully vaccinated

Janakpur, 6 May : Madhesh Province has no new cases of COVID-19 reported lately. With all eight districts in the Province having no new cases of Coronavirus infection for some time, the Province has been declared COVID-19 free.

According to Madhesh Province Health Directorate Director Bijay Kumar Jha, around 82 per cent of targeted communities in the Province have been fully vaccinated against the flu-like infection so far.

The Province recorded 41,417 COVID-19 infection cases from the outbreak till now. Among them, 40,355 have been recovered, informed Directorate. A total of 1,062 people succumbed to the deadly infection in the Province so far, shared Jha.

According to him, mandatory display of vaccination card to avail public services and continuous vaccination drive by health workers and people’s representatives led to wider coverage of vaccination and negligible cases of COVID-19 in the Province.

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