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Vote counting kicks off in Mugu, four days after election

Mugu, 23 Nov : Vote counting under the election to the Member of House of Representatives and Province Assembly has started in Mugu district, four days after the voting was held.

Chief District Officer of Mugu, Rom Bahadur Mahat said the vote-counting was delayed as it took three days to bring the ballot boxes to the district headquarters from the remote northern belt of the district.

“Although there are only four local levels in the district, ballot boxes from polling centres from Chhayanath Rara municipality were transported to the headquarters on time while the ballot boxes from polling stations in Soru, Khatyad and Mugum Karmarong rural municipalities took two days to be brought due to geographical remoteness,” CDO Mahat explained the delay.

He said the vote counting in the district has been started from 8.30 am today after forging political consensus from the all-party meeting. The voter turnout in Mugu in the Sunday’s elections was 26,615 (74.49 per cent). The total number of registered voters in the district was 34,962.

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