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COVID-19: Active cases down by 30 percent in Nepal

KATHMANDU, 10 SEPT : Coronavirus infection rate has been found decreasing and the recovery rate increasing in recent days compared to the third week of August.

As per the statistics, the number of active cases on Thursday has decreased by about 30 percent compared to the number of cases reported on August 19.

It is found that the number of active cases has been dropping significantly. There were 40,500 active cases reported on August 19 and this has come down to 28,678 as of Thursday.

This is approximately a 30 percent drop in the number of active cases.

Similarly, 3075 persons had tested positive out of the 16,438 PCR tests on August 19. The number of people recovering from the infection was 2,126 on that day.

This number has decreased on Thursday. The data shared by the Ministry of Health and Population on Thursday shows that out of the 11,944 PCR tests done, 1271 were tested positive for coronavirus infection.

On the other hand, the number of districts reporting more than 500 active cases has decreased to 16.

One thousand 845 people have recovered on Thursday. Seven hundred thirty-five thousand six persons have come out of the infection as of Thursday.

With this, the recovery rate has reached 94.9 per cent in Nepal. Doctors have said that the infection has declined across the country of late.

The Government of Nepal has given priority to immunizing the at-risk populations.

According to the doctors, this has increased the immunity power of people and the infection rate has decreased.

It is said many citizens have been innoculated and the people who were infected and were at risk have also recovered, which has developed antibodies in them leading to the decrease in the number of infected persons and increase in the number of recoveries.

Ninety two thousand 169 persons in the country have received the anti-COVID jabs until Thursday.

So far, five million 729 thousand 789 persons have received the first dose and five million 102 thousand 244 have received the full dose vaccines, the Ministry stated.

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