Fulfill citizens’ expectations: Leader Khanal

Kaski, 10 Feb: CPN (Unified Socialist) leader Jhalanath Khanal said the government should fulfill citizen’s expectations.

At a press meet organized by the Socialist Press Organization Kaski chapter in Pokhara today, leader Khanal, who is also the former prime minister, said that there was growing dissatisfaction and anger among citizen due to political apathy to their expectation.

Stating that the citizens were feeling ‘directionless’ at present, the former Prime Minister reminded, urging the government to address basic problems facing the citizens.

He argued that the monarchists and revivalists forces were becoming more powerful lately because the government failed to deliver properly. He, thus, viewed that those in power should consider amendment in their policies and programmes.

According to him, there is division and difference in the communist movement in the country due to wrong ideological and political work direction. “The communist movement could be unified again if there were right work direction,” he expressed his confidence.

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